We are a professional property management group with a philosophy that…

Quality prevails over quantity!

This mantra is apparent in all of our staff and the sub-contractors we associate with.

Commercial Property Management

We negotiate the most favorable contract situation for our clients.

Established in 2000, CPG currently has four full time staff members. Although each is empowered to problem solve, we all have our areas of emphasis. Medora Fralick is the primary contract negotiator, managing broker and liaison with clients and tenants. Nancy Kounovsky, Chief Financial Officer, oversees all accounting functions. Stephanie McDonald and Angie Hansen support all aspects of the business from tenant relations and trouble shooting to schedule coordination and administration.

All services for the properties we manage are sub-contracted on a competitive bid basis (i.e. we don’t have in-house maintenance). This allows CPG to procure the most cost effective contractors while assuring the highest level of response, quality of work and customer relations. This arrangement has proven very successful for our clients in that we are not “tied in” to any contractors and can always negotiate the most favorable situation. We strive to maintain a high level of satisfaction with our sub-contractors in order to assure the highest level of service and response.